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The Coalition for Responsible Gaming Expansion is a broad group of concerned citizens, community leaders and business groups who oppose careless expansion of gaming in Illinois. We are committed to making sure there is responsible gaming expansion in Illinois and that existing jobs in the state are protected.

We believe any expansion plans must be carefully created to preserve the existing casino industry in Illinois that creates tourism, jobs and business opportunities. Based on the numbers associated with the original nine casinos, the state has already lost over $1.3 billion in tax revenue and jobs have dropped by over 30 percent since 2007 with the introduction of the smoking ban and the economic recession. It is clear from the numbers that gaming has reached a saturation point in Illinois, just as in other markets like New Jersey.

Now lawmakers want to add more casinos and slots at racetracks to solve the state’s fiscal problems. This legislation even allows a city-owned casino in Chicago plus slot machines at O'Hare and Midway airports. This is the largest expansion to gaming in Illinois' history and lawmakers are working behind closed doors to push this through quickly.

We need responsible gaming expansion to help solve the state’s fiscal problems, not a bad bill to create more headaches.

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